Helen Nias profile

Artist Filmmaker and VR Designer 

Helen Nias is a UK based artist filmmaker and Virtual Reality designer, turned mum. Before having children, she spent her spare time making short experimental films and VR experiences to try and understand more about the world and minds we inhabit. Now there is only time for work and parenting.

In her past life...


Virtual Reality 

Helen studied Virtual Reality Design after moving to Sydney in 2016.

Infinity Box WIP

Infinity Box (prototype and concept)

You'll question your own agency and free will when you step into this room-scale VR puzzle game for Vive.

Short film 

Helen experiments with a range of techniques and media in her short films, including photogram animation, digital and analogue video, and analogue film (super 8, 16mm).

Screenings & Exhibitions 

Helen Nias' short films have screened at film festivals, galleries and events in the UK and internationally.

In 2013 Helen was one of three filmmakers selected to create a short 'videoletter' for the Festival delle Lettere in Milan, Italy. The videoletters were inspired by letters written to American politician and gay activist Harvey Milk.

In January 2016 Helen had her first solo exhibition, SHOOT, REWIND, SPLICE, REMEMBER, at the Camera Club's Gallery 1885 in London. The exhibition featured a new video piece edited and screened on VHS, WHAT AM I?.


Get in touch via contact(at)helennias(dot)co(dot)uk or @helennias on social.