Picnic on the Moon (2011) 03:28

What did you expect would've been invented by now? Flying cars? Jet packs? Helen Nias and Angus Johnstone asked citizens of Melbourne what they thought.

One cartridge super 8 film, no editing – for straight 8 2011

Picnic on the Moon brings together the past and the future (or the 'future' of the then-present) by asking inhabitants of Melbourne, Australia, what they thought would've been invented by the year 2011.

The soundtrack was editing in GarageBand, but the film was sent off to the competition exposed and undeveloped, so everything had to be shot in order and all effects were in camera.

Thanks and credits

Thank you to all our interviewees for your time, participation, and great answers, and to Angus and all those involved in the making of the film:


Munro Melano