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Submitted pictures and videos, with photogram animation and super 8

Commissioned for Festival delle Lettere Milan, Italy, October 2013. Three filmmakers were given a letter written to Harvey Milk and asked to interpret it using video.

This short film aims to bring together an interest in language and words, with the feelings of positivity felt when Benjamin Shaffer's letter to Harvey Milk is read. Shaffer writes that if everyone lived their life with with as much integrity and positivity as Milk did, the world would be a much better place.

It is these values that Milk displayed: openness, love, and a hope for freedom and fairness, whatever a person's background, that the videoletter hopes to evoke, whilst combined with a brief study of letters as physical or digital objects. Participants were asked to submit photos and video clips of things that represent what makes life good to them. These images appear in the place of the words from the letter as the narrator reads, as photograms created from super 8 footage slowly reveals its imagery on the right hand side of the screen.

Thank you to Philip Ilson, Ed Weston (music), Conor Honan (voiceover artist), Brad Purnell (After Effects advice), Nicole Distort and everybody in the Festival delle Lettere team, Andrea Puntino of the Harvey Milk Foundation in Europe, and of course to all those who sent imagery - this film could not have been made without you.