17 October 2013

Thank you once again to everyone who submitted imagery for this project. It is now online and you can watch it here.

I also had a very enjoyable time at the Letters Festival in Milan, and have written about how the screenings and festival went on my blog here.

Helen Nias

26 September 2013

I'm really happy to write that I've been selected to make a videoletter film for the Festival Delle Lettere, taking place in Milan from the 4 - 6 October 2013. I am creating a short film based on a letter written to Harvey Milk about the inspiration of his integrity and positivity, and I need your help.

I would really love it if you could send me photos, pictures, illustrations and short videos that represent what makes life good for you. Whether you snapped a blurry picture or video on your phone walking home from work, or have spent time drawing a beautiful illustration, I want to hear from you.


How to submit

Please email them to, or mention @helennias on Twitter or Instagram by 6pm GMT on Monday 30 September.

Feel free to ask any questions, spread the word, , and thank you very much in advance - I will do my best to keep everybody who submitted an image informed on the film's progress.

*This is to attempt to avoid stealing imagery from artists/illustrators/photographers/the general public - if I'm unsure about an image I will try and pop it into a google image search but I can't guarantee to do this.