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Where I End Up (2010) 04:20

Super 8mm film, photograms, old childhood video footage, digital image sequences, compositing.

What if it were possible to create a camera to take into our minds as we sleep, and relay the images taken there of insane landscapes, impossible architecture, and the ever-changing, flowing environment of inside our dreams?

Where I End Up is a four and a half minute long experimental film which uses a mixture of time based media in an attempt to evoke the feeling of dreaming. The mixture of media allows a more unrestricted way of creating this film. Super 8mm film and video footage merge with still image sequences, some of which are the results of the Voigtländer Vito II which makes an appearance in photogrammed animation sequences.

With a narrative as vague and disconnected as a dream, the viewer is led through an apparently generic dreamscape, in which there is a longing to keep hold of these internal images. The camera and computer, tools to capture and store ‘memories’ in real life, make appearances amidst imagery of people, landscapes and suburbia. But as with all the images, their appearances manage to hold on to nothing.

Many of the fleeting images are never quite clear enough to make out, while others emerge in clarity only for a moment, continuously changing, until some comfort is finally found in the seconds before waking and the film’s end.