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Obsolete & Discontinued (2015-16)

10x photographic prints, animation, and video piece using VHS and video 8

Obsolete & Discontinued is a collaborative project led by photographer and specialist photographic printer Mike Crawford, who inherited a variety of old, expired, and in some cases discontinued photographic paper, and distributed it to around 50 photographers to create new work with.

Helen Nias’ contribution to this project consists of 10 photograms created from paper negatives of digital images of analogue video technology, celebrating the novelty of using obsolete analogue photographic and video technology, and acknowledging the complications of getting it to work in the first place.

These have been exhibited as prints, form an animation (above), and are also a part of a two minute video piece completed in 2016: Obsolete & Discontinued (Here’s Something For You To Play With). In this film the photograms are visible in the background and slowly reveal their contents as the original video plays in the foreground - see below for film still.

More information about the project can be found on Tumblr.

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