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Animation and Sound (2008) 02:03

Rotoscope, chroma key. Exploring memories and dreams and the thin line between, using animation and sound. 

Keyboard Dance_off (2009) 02:27

Digital video, chroma key and photo collage. Revisiting childhood in a more playful way.

Sea Ghost (2009) 02:22

Colour digital photographs. A quick, unpolished film shot in Pembrokeshire, Wales, using digital stills. Why would you follow something blindly if you're not in a dream?

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Hangover (2009) 02:30

Super 8mm. Being stuck in an infinite loop that can't be escaped from is one of my fears.

This film was created originally for the straight 8 film competition. I have since edited it slightly (something not done for the competition as the exposed cartridge is sent off without being developed) to give a better soundtrack than the unresolved one I submitted. It's a bit of a mess but the idea is important with the rest of my work. Current music - Moonlight by Digitalism.

Lego Animation (2006) 01:56

Made with a Lego webcam, Lego stop motion animation software, and Windows Movie Maker.

Part of an experiment to see how different types of music can change the way a short film is experienced, made whilst on my Foundation Art Course. It was quite fun and I enjoyed making this silent movie version, which uses a rendition of Chopin by Daniel Adni. Playing through Photobucket as it was a .wmv file (created on a very old PC).

For some more background - my little brother got a Lego Mindstorms set plus webcam for Christmas in 1999, and with my siblings I had been making short films and animations since then. 2006 was definitely the overlap year where I realised I wanted to use films as art but also made the last of our childhood film spoofs with my siblings and cousins.