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Inescapable Journey (2012) 03:27

35mm stills, digital photos, super 8mm.

Collaboration with Cassandra Vervoort.

Some memories can be hidden away, but those recollected by smell seem to engulf us involuntarily. Being constantly fascinated by the places our subconscious and memories can take us, we used 35mm film prints, super 8mm film and digital photographs to take the viewer on a journey that attempts to capture this displacement.

The super 8 footage was filmed on a farm in Victoria, Australia, whilst I was doing my rural work there in April 2011. Cassie shot the 35mm film sequences under my direction in November/December 2012, and we then animated the prints by cutting them out, scratching and painting onto them, and tearing them.

The film screened at Whirlygig Cinema's event Making Tracks, and scored by The Cabinet of Living Cinema. At the event in January (as a part of the 9th London Short Film Festival), we saw the film on the big screen of Rich Mix and heard the soundtrack for the very first time played live.