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Detachments of Reality (2010) 06:15

Digital video, super 8mm film, 35mm film sequences and rotoscoping.

This piece explores a number of fears and thoughts to do with how we perceive the world around us and in our heads.


fig. 1: Dreamlike state experienced whilst awake (constructed worlds: perception of our surroundings)

fig. 2: Speculation on gameplay of the future

Finding myself in the waking world after dreaming is sometimes such a shock to system that I wonder how my mind copes with such a traumatic transition daily.

fig. 3: Nightmare of childhood in an imagined dreamscape

fig. 4: Nightmare of young adulthood - ability to experience death in a dream state

fig. 5: Awareness of the constructed world whilst in a dream state

fig. 6: Illusion of regained years (illness based distortion of reality)