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Curiousciousness (2012) 03:27

Super 8mm film for straight 8 2012

Thoughts and views on various aspects of consciousness from a variety of people (and an iPhone). Shot on one cartridge of super 8 film - one take, no editing, for straight 8 2012. Pronounced 'cure-ee-osh-uss-ness'.

Selected by straight 8 for various screenings including Sheffield Doc/Fest and Cannes Lions Advertising Festival, June 2012.


Director, Producer, Sound

Helen Nias


Rina Yang


Ollie Firrell
Martha Ormerod
Katie Steed

Illustration (Balloon head)

Becky Liddiard

Crew and Props

Ellie Foster
Pamela Hiscock
Katie Steed
Ali Crocker
Cassandra Vervoort
Caroline Wenham
Martha Ormerod


Benjamin Jackson